3 Curso comportamiento canino

On March 30 it held in A Coruña "III advanced Canine Behavioral course" in which Ángela González Martinez, head of the service of ethology of HVU-RC will present a paper under the title "my dog destroys House!".

That a dog produces destruction at home can be a big drawback for the family, for the health of it (since some come to do harm) and for the perro-propietario link. So much so some animals are abandoned for this reason.

The exploratory behavior, game and dig are normal behaviors in dogs but that can lead to destruction if they are not well targeted. Dogs can dig into a piece of furniture to get a toy that is hidden inside, or on a carpet to accommodate her before going to sleep. They can destroy by anxiety, fear, because they have a disorder or simply because they think fun.

To avoid this kind of problem dogs must be surrounded by a complex and interesting environment that produces them physical and mental stimulation. Normally when a dog not sleeping he distributes his time in play and explore the environment, especially to get food. We see how to take advantage of these natural behaviors in them to prevent our fellow wrecking.

We will also address other key points such as what you think the dogs when shredding? and how is it resolved?.

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