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Objectives of the Foundation

The three main objectives of the Foundation are: to collaborate in teaching, to provide service and to promote investigative research.



  • Practical training for students.
  • Professional recycling, refreshing, and specialization for post graduates.
  • Backing of continuous training programs for professionals.
  • Specialized training in the various clinical facets of the profession.
  • Practical activities in collaboration with other public organisms and university centers of all types.
  • Collaboration and exchange programs with specialists of high esteem on a national and international level.
  • Organization of workshops, orientation, and other types of courses on monographic clinical topics of interest.
  • To be a center of support and reference for professionals.
  • To be a center of reference for livestock, environmental issues and public health.


  • Animal care service for the livestock breeders and animal owners in general.
  • Mobile animal care service.
  • Technical animal care service for veterinarians in fields which are hard to carry out due to lack of materials: radiology, ultrasonography, cardiology, clinical & microbiological analysis, complex surgical interventions, and the like.
  • Collaborative services in the area of controls for public health.


  • Collaborate and promote experimental investigative research and that derived from the clinical cases encountered at the Hospital.
  • Collaboration and exchange with specialists of high esteem on a national and international level.

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