servivio medicina interna

This service is in charge of the diagnosis, treatment, and attention to general health problems found in dogs and cats, and is targeted for use by veterinarians and pet-owners.


Professors specializing in this area make up this unit that deals with:

This hospital has sophisticated instruments that are used in the diagnosis of the different health problems seen at the hospital; and thus guarantee high-quality care at the hospital. The Rof Codina CVH is a teaching hospital which means that, towards the end of their degree programs, students are present in the Internal or General medicine visits. They are in charge of collecting the data about the patient’s clinical history and of the first overall exploration; all of this is done under the supervision of a professor who will make the final decisions about diagnosis and appropriate treatment.

Pets that come to the Hospital for the first time undergo a general examination which may include complementary tests. If it is necessary examination by specialists may be advised.

Students at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine are always present in this process and the practical training they take part in is carried out in the most common areas: medical pathology, surgery, reproduction, pathological anatomy, and radiology.

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