The Minister of education and culture highlights CEBIOVET as a commitment of future by Lugo and the strategic positioning of the University system of Galicia in the field of research with animals

  • The Xunta de Galicia has approved an investment of about € 4.5 million this Centre
  • The new facility will be unique in Spain and reinforce the position of the Foundation of the University Hospital veterinarian Rof Codina as a center of reference in the field of veterinary biomedicine.

Monday, 03/31/2014

The regional Minister of culture, education and universities, Xesús Vázquez Abad today highlighted the creation of the new Center for biomedical research and veterinary medicine (CEBIOVET) as a commitment to the future of the Government of the campus of Lugo and the system of Universitario de Galicia's strategic positioning in the field of research in large and medium-sized animals. Did the afternoon after signing the agreement approved Thursday in the Consell da Xunta, through which it is investing nearly 4.5 million in 2014 and 2015 in the construction of this Centre, which will bind the Veterinary Hospital of University - linked to the University of Santiago de Compostela, forming a complex that is unique in Spainstrengthening the position of HVU-RC as a point of reference in research in these areas.

We are talking about a very important project for Galicia, both Lugo which will contribute to the formation of highly specialized staff and to strengthen the campus of Lugo, a province that is characterized by extraordinary research activities linked to sectors such as the agroganaderia, so the possibilities offered by the new Center to open the door to a strong activity of this province-centered research, said Xesús Vázquez. "The construction of CEBIOVET is a test more than that from the Xunta de Galicia we are committed to Lugo, a province that is laying the groundwork to play an important role in the future of Galicia, which must have one of their central themes in research and innovation, i.e., the knowledge," he added.

As the Minister explained, the creation of CEBIOVET will be a very important qualitative leap, which will allow to open new lines of research and teaching opportunities, to facilitate the work with animal models closer to our species. "Areas such as genetics, pharmacology, Physiology, surgery, immunology, nutrition and clinical medicine will be able to tackle projects that currently are not feasible and of greater importance, in order to extrapolate the results of our species."

European reference systems

Said the Counsellor, given the low level of implementation of such facilities in our country, "the CEBIOVET if same it will be an interesting opportunity for Galician businesses and across the country that benefit from the transfer of scientific knowledge, and can give output to new products and services." It should be remembered that the new Center will feature all legislation for which in the works in partnership with any company or research center, can be since its facilities will be in accordance with the latest standards of the characteristics that must have centers where is carried out the research with animals - 2013 - quality conditions, at this time, have very few centres of this type in Europe.

In this sense, the Counsellor pointed out one of the objectives that aims to the creation of this Center is to intensify the relationship between the University and industry-related companies, beyond establishing a new strategic partnership of great importance, the economic boost that this entails. In addition, the new center intends to respond to the growing demands of the groups of research of the Faculty and of the campus of Lugo, as well as to facilitate the renewal of the European accreditation of the Faculty of veterinary medicine of Lugo - the only one from Galicia in the year 2018.

The building

For the creation of the CEBIOVET referred to three actions, which will allow House in the same building to groups of medium and large animals. First, they propose and expanded the current pavilions of hospitalization and experimentation, which will join the expansion of existing facilities through the construction of a new Pavilion. In addition, the two buildings with the construction of a corridor covered can be connected to facilitate transit between the different modules.

In total they will be 4.782,10 square meters, counting buildings and covered patios, with which we will enhance the potential that has the city of Lugo in the research in bioveterinaria.

The Act of a signature was attended by, among others, the Mayor of Lugo, José Clemente López Orozco, Secretary general of universities, José Alberto Díez de Castro, the Xunta's delegate in the province, Raquel Arias; the rector of the USC, Juan Casares; the Vice President of the provincial Council, Lara Méndez; and the Assistant Director-general of promotion of scientific and Technological University, M ª Jesús Tallón.


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