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The Counsellor will defend this project since it could convert the center into a reference in animal research international

The budget for the transformation of the current enclosure approaches to 3.400.000 euros.

Lugo, June 21, 2011

The regional Minister of Educacioney Management University, Xesús Vázquez Abad, just visit the facilities that the Foundation Rof Codina has in the campus of Lugo, during the trip in which he was accompanied by the Manager, Luis Felipe de la Cruz Palomino, recalled that the Department will support to the Ministry of science and innovation the proposal of the Foundation for the creation of a future research center in medium-sized and large animals.

We need to highlight that the Counsellor pointed out the importance of this project for Lugo and Galicia, in accordance with the needs of the community with regard to the investigation, and therefore will support its development to the Ministry of science. Received proposals from infraestruturas by universities, the regional Minister of education established priorities strategic to the autonomous community, being selected the project requested by the Foundation Rof Codina.

Plan drives

This proposal would be integrated within one of the activities of the Plan promotes Lugo for the promotion of a greater presence of the Lugo research activity in research forums. We need to remember that the province of Lugo is characterized by having a remarkable research activity linked to sectors such as the agricultural and livestock, and that disclosure of investigations in the province would be a key element to obtain the recognition of the research community.

The creation of this Centre would mean one deployment of the necessary resources for the development of research activity in the field of animal health, and would help the pursuit of strategic partnerships of great importance.

The need for the Centre

At this point Vázquez-Abad, recalled that through this project, the campus is would provide a new Centre with particular characteristics that would answer the growing demands of the research groups of the Faculty of veterinary medicine and of the campus of Lugo. On the other hand, this Centre could act how national and international reference for medium and large animal research.

In this way would be an important service to the research community since the new Center would intensify relations between University and enterprises related to the sector, so that it would cover a substantial deficit in this type of facility that exists in Spain.

The project

The Centre would be located in existing education facilities for cattle and horses, which would move to the old matadoiro of the city of Lugo. In this space screened a reform and adaptation to the location of the research center that would develop different areas relating to medium and large animals.

To develop such a performance budget envisaged and about 3.400.000 euros, of which 70% will provide deep ERDF funding, and the remaining 30% would be put them patterns of the Foundation.


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