The new facility will be unique in Galicia and it will strengthen the position of the Rof Codina University Veterinary Hospital as a centre of reference in the field of biomedicine and veterinary medicine.

Lugo, 30 December 2013 . The Minister of culture, education and universities, Jesús Vázquez Abad, this afternoon visited Hospital-Veterinary College Rof Codinan (HVU-RC) - linked to the University of Santiago de Compostela, where could learn firsthand the progress of the project of construction of a new research centre in biomedicine and veterinary medicine (CEBIOVET) of the campus of Lugo.

During his visit, the Minister stressed the importance of the new Center, which will help strengthen the position of the University Veterinary Hospital as a centre of reference in research in this area. Not in vain, he said that the new Center will have all the rules so that they can make it work in association with any company or research center, since its facilities will be carried out in accordance with the latest standards of the characteristics that must have centres in which research is conducted with animals "Conditions of quality" who currently have very few centres of this type in Europe.

'It is, therefore, a strong commitment to the development of the campus of the University and the province, under the actions proposed by the Xunta de Galicia Lugo promotes Plan for the promotion of a greater presence of research in Lugo, but also part of the strategy of the Ministry to promote the research and the expecializacion of the SUG'said.

In the presentation of the project of the new center of Vazquez Abbot he was accompanied by the Secretary general technical Jesús Oitavén, by delegation of the Junta in Lugo, Raquel Arias, and the director of the Foundation, Luis Felipe De la Cruz Palomino.


Jesús Vázquez highlighted three key objectives that the Department pursues this new Center. On the one hand, ensure the renewal of the European accreditation of the Veterinary Faculty of the campus of Lugo in 2018, in which the Rof Codina hospital plays an important role as head of the practical teaching of veterinary students. Secondly, he said that the CEBIOVET seeks to respond to the growing demands of research of the Faculty and campus groups. "Indeed, the province is characterized by a remarkable activity of research linked to sectors such as the agro-ganadero, so the possibilities offered by the new Centre opens its doors to a strong research activity focused on Lugo, also in collaboration with other centres". He also noted the aim of deepening the relations between the University and the companies related to the sector, contributing to the creation of new strategic alliances of great importance, with the economic boost that this means.

"We want to - finished - that the CEBIOVET is an added value for the campus of Lugo and the entire University system of Galicia, which open new ways of working in collaboration with other centres and businesses, thus marking a new path in university research where results are transmitted to society and are not left in the laboratory".


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