Among the services offered at the clinic and veterinary hospital or clinic, lab work, along with other services, is a fundamentally important aid for correct clinical diagnosis.

The Veterinarian responsible for the case is the one who requests one or more analyses from the laboratory. The analyses are very valuable as they can either complement a suspected diagnosis or help to vary it. However, the role of the lab is not only to diagnosis something, but also to collaborate efficiently so that the Veterinarian can back his diagnosis on analytical results, and, thus, make an even more precise and correct diagnosis of the clinical symptoms that the patient presents.
The exams which are most often carried out in veterinarian clinical pathology are: biochemical tests, blood work (hematological and serological tests), bacteriological tests, tests for viruses & virus diseases (virological tests), tests for fungi and fungoid diseases (mycological tests), and tests for parasites (parasitological tests).

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